Leon Castillo – Selfmastered Roadmap

How would you like to discover the trick to long-lasting laser-focused peak efficiency and begin attaining your most enthusiastic objectives regularly — even if you have dealt with inspiration in the past?

There is a tested, detailed, system for that: The Selfmastered Roadmap


Lack of clearness about what your real top priorities are.
Not able to recognize & & prioritize your crucial jobs.
Regularly losing time in unproductive undertakings.
Having a hard time to comprehend what drives genuine accomplishment (both expert and individual).
No reputable system to track month-on-month efficiency.
Not able to sustain inspiration for long.
Incapable of being disciplined.
No sense of Purpose.


Crystal clearness on your top priorities.
Able to recognize, select & & prioritize your crucial jobs every day.
Clear 10- year Roadmap that connects your function, your long-lasting objectives, and your instant actions.
Equipped with an easy system to track week-on-week significant expert advancement.
Having the ability of reliable goal-setting.
Comprehending how to attain & & sustain limitless intrinsic inspiration.
Having a clear understanding of how Purpose works– and how to utilize it to your benefit.
Having a clear orientation.

Here’s a Quick Summary of What The Selfmastered Roadmap Is About:

Proven Plug-and-Play System that opens the crucial to peak efficiency by resolving the internal issue that avoids you from:

  • Identifying the most essential objectives to concentrate on a multiyear scale.
  • Sustaining inspiration easily to make those objectives occur by default.
  • Understanding what drives remarkable efficiency (tip: it belongs to your function).
  • Analyzing your life from an outdoors point of view to discover underutilized capability.
  • Understanding what all leading entertainers are doing in a different way, in a manner which (knowingly and unconsciously) permits them to set reliable objectives, sustain inspiration, and stay disciplined for several years on end (and how to turn into one yourself).

Core Lessons:

Lesson # 0. Intro

What does Peak Performance * in fact * indicate in company & & self-management? Why is it so essential? How does this detailed system work?


Lesson # 1. Taming deep space

What Universal Law is working versus you? And, most notably, how can you tame it? What options should you make day-to-day to utilize its force to your benefit and prevent decay and condition?


Lesson # 2. The Hidden Force

What is the power, concealed from plain sight, that can assist you attain a state of limitless individual development? (Which is unnoticeable to the naked eye, and the human brain can’t comprehend quickly). How can you harness that power? How can you supercharge your mnemonic powers to maximize it?


Lesson # 3. Your Compass

What if unearthing and polishing your function is the crucial to focus, inspiration and discipline? What if you could comprehend what is the Purpose of your life so that it acts as a compass at every crossroads? How to open the secret to supreme discipline by forming a beneficial factor that prevents your neurological circuitry?


Step # 4. Your North Star

Once you understand what is your compass, how can you develop a long-lasting strategy that fuels intrinsic inspiration? What do medical professionals understand that reporters do not? How can you develop a visual marker of the development you visualize on your own that acts as a directing light?


Lesson # 5. Your Roadmap

Is there a method of mastering the art of goal-setting? How do inspiration and self-control actually work? How do they associate with your Purpose? How do they suit a cohesive and meaningful long-lasting strategy?


Lesson # 6. Your Secret Tool

What is the secret tool that makes it all work effortlessly together? What procedure will you be utilizing in the years to come to attain and sustain peak efficiency?


BONUS LESSON 1: Secret Tool Walkthrough

Over-the-shoulder check out how the Tool works, with in-depth direction on how to release its complete capacity. Real-life examples of a hectic white-collar employee’s calendar (Leon himself)


BONUS LESSON 2: Hacking Your Brain

How can we “hack” our brains to perform at the greatest level? (It is much easier than you believe). What do leading entertainers understand that the typical individual does not concerning seriousness management? What if the secret to efficiency wasn’t logical?


BONUS LESSON 3: Getting Unstuck

Step-by-step video lesson & & interactive design template to assist you get unstuck each time you feel you are not making development. (This lesson gets continuously upgraded with the many FAQs we receive from the Community)

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